Fort Richmond MLA Candidate

About Paramjit Shahi


My name is Paramjit Shahi, and I am thrilled about the opportunity to represent you as the next MLA for Fort Richmond.

Having called Fort Richmond home for over two decades, my wife Kamal, our delightful 6-year-old daughter Avleen, and I have experienced the vibrant, tolerant, and diverse environment firsthand. Throughout the years, we have actively engaged in the fabric of this community, dedicating our time to work, volunteerism, and raising our family.

Like many fellow Canadians and newcomers, I started my journey in Canada with hard work and perseverance. Beginning in the service industry, I labored tirelessly until I attained a management position. Together with my brother, I also ventured into entrepreneurship, aiming to create opportunities not just for our own family but for the people of Winnipeg.

Presently, I am honored to serve as the Executive Director of the South Winnipeg Community Centre, where I focus on supporting local families and meeting the needs of our community. Collaborating with residents, we have successfully raised funds to construct essential recreational facilities for our children, seniors, and families. Moreover, I actively organize initiatives such as tree plantation drives, cultural events, and Canada Day celebrations at Kirkbridge Park, all aimed at enriching the lives of our flourishing community.


Manitoba has consistently presented boundless opportunities for my family and me. We have thrived in the embrace of Friendly Manitoba, and I am determined to ensure that you and your loved ones can experience the same. Let us unite in our shared passion for cultivating a strong and vibrant community in Fort Richmond, South Winnipeg, our city, and our province.

I humbly ask for your support as we work together to build a future where everyone can flourish. Together, we can create a Fort Richmond that continues to offer endless opportunities for all its residents.